Liza-Lee Campbell comes from a hospitality management back ground, working in restaurants and commercial kitchens including 18 months running a kitchen at an Aged Care Facility in the mid-90s. She has also spent 7 years working in Montessori education and has a special interest in the application of Montessori methods in Dementia care.

As well as her hands on hospitality experience, Liza-Lee has spent many years conducting hotel and accommodation reviews. She applies this skill when touring a facility; she knows what to look for and can pick up on details that others may miss.

Liza-Lee was raised a military family with 1st and 2nd world war veterans on both sides; her father also served in the Australian army. In her personal life, she has been a respite career for foster children for over 18 years.

Her life experiences have given her extensive social welfare knowledge, and an in depth understanding of the processes of Centerlink, Veteran Affairs and the Department of Human Services.

Liza-Lee found an interest in aged care after the passing of her grandparents. All were nursed at home by family because the option of placing their loved ones in care seemed too complex and overwhelming at the time.

Liza-Lee discovered there was a need for support, guidance and assistance for people struggling to negotiate the aged care system.

In 2017 Liza-Lee started her own advocacy business, focusing on ways to support individuals and families to find appropriate and affordable accommodation based on individual needs.

She continues to educate herself on all aspects of ageing and aged care to ensure that her knowledge is current and up to date in an ever changing environment.