Personalized Client Profile

Finding the right home for a person is the most important part of my role as an advocate. This can only be achieved by finding out a person’s individual interests, as well as their social and medical requirements.

Information for client profile includes:

  • Interests And Hobbies
  • Individual Likes And Dislikes
  • Religious, Cultural And Social Histories
  • Lifestyle And Routines
  • Family And Community
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Medical Needs

Financial Assessment

There are many up front and ongoing costs involved in funding aged care. Many of the acronyms and terminologies used can be difficult to define and understand.

ACA will:

  • Explain All The Fees And Charges
  • Assist With The Center link Forms.
  • Help You To Determine Your Budget

*ACA does not provide financial advice however we can refer clients to reputable financial advisors who specialize in aged care and retirement advice if required.

Accommodation Search

The number of accommodation options available in aged care and retirement is overwhelming. It is a growing industry with new facilities opening all the time. The search for a home is time consuming and can leave one overwhelmed with the choices available. ACA will conduct the search on your behalf and provide a short list of suitable homes to choose from.

Factors considered in the search includes:

  • Location
  • Décor And Environment
  • Care Requirements
  • Availability/Vacancies
  • Budget
  • Services And Lifestyle Programs

Facility Tours

Many times a home looks good externally or on a website however it is not until you actually tour the home and experience it for yourself that a decision can be made. It is often the intangible such as how a home makes you feel and the ‘vibe’ of a place which make you sure that the place is right. ACA will book tours on your behalf and accompany you on these tours. We know what to look for and will ask the important questions so you have the knowledge required to make an informed decision.

Factors considered while touring include

  • Overall Cleanliness And Condition Of Home
  • Number Of Staff In Attendance
  • How The Staff Interact With The Residents
  • Happiness Of Residents
  • Environment Smells, Temperature, Noise Levels

Managing The Placement

Once the preferred home is chosen, there are still applications and processes which must be undertaken before the placement is secured.

ACA will manage and assist you through this process by:

  • Filling Out And Submitting Application Forms On Your Behalf
  • Negotiating Waitlists
  • Liaising With Homes On Your Behalf
  • Assisting With Admission Forms
  • Arranging Hospital Or Other Transfers If Required
  • Negotiating RADs And Other Fees With The Home
  • Reviewing Contracts And Agreements


Inspections/ Tours

• ACA will book inspections of available units on your behalf and will accompany you on these tours.